Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Warning: May Cause Tastebuds to Spontaneously Combust

After a stressful morning and afternoon, I turned in the evening to cooking experiments. I figure if I self-medicate with healthy food, it's okay. Ha.

Since my last post I made another wallet-denting market trip, realizing that- hey, summer doesn't last forever and blackberry season is even shorter than that. Thus we have Exhibit A:
Dangerously tantalizing little things, aren't they? One more, because I can't help it.

That, right there? That's what blackberries are supposed to look like. Not those flavorless things you get at the grocer, which shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves blackberries. They taste more like weak orange juice really, nothing at all like the flavour you get from these. Real blackberries bleed purple juice all over your fingers. Mmmm.

The nice lady at the market warned me that whatever berries I didn't eat tonight I should freeze, because they were already so ripe. I've been making smoothies out of these guys and other fruit, so that sounded fine. I freeze the berries as they are, or chop bananas into chunks or scrape out all the mango/peach/apricot pulp into a bowl and freeze that, before throwing it in the blender with a splash of milk and a pinch of stevia. Heaaaven.

But today as I made my usual cyber walk around the gluten-free foodie mecca that is our internet, I saw the lovely Heather at Healthy Indulgences had recently posted a sugar-free blackberry ice cream recipe. No ice cream maker needed.


The only ingredient I was missing was the heavy cream, so I set out to Martin's to get some (and of course ended up buying a pile of Bob's Red Mill Flours I'd been wanting to get... me + good food and new recipes to try = empty wallet). I'm going to make gluten-free soft pretzels soon!

Anyway, blah blah blah, here is the result. It's beautiful. The texture is much better than I expected from the pictures- not too hard, not too icey- it feels absolutely delightful in the mouth and tastes aaaamazing.

As always, those of you not trying to cut carbs or gluten or sugar can substitute the sugar back in and do it that way. I understand- erythritol is expensive stuff (but so worth it!).

Want a bite?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! This looks heavenly! My apple trees are heaving with fruit right now so I've made a dozen jars of blackberry & apple jelly jam - the kind of stuff that makes you curl up on the sofa with a jar and a spoon and moan over every bell-clean zinging mouthful until your tongue is purple. Bread? Redundant.

    My berry hoard has also gone into a sticky blackberry and elderflower sauce which was born to mate with vanilla ice cream; apple and blackberry crumble pie with lashings of custard, naturally, and a bramble mousse. Blackberry and brie scones are on the menu later this week, and you know... I think some of the tarter specimens could be sifted out and used to tingling effect on a pizza, too. After all that, I should still have a couple of fat-baby-sized hillocks of them sitting in my freezer waiting to brighten up charcoal winter afternoons.

    ...I knew there must be some other obsessives out there. I think they may quite possibly be the most beautiful fruit in existence.

  2. That makes my mouth water! I might have to try this with some of the berries growing in my yard. Thanks!