Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ani Tix Winner: Jennifer Heit!

Congrats! Names were pulled from a hat, and you won two tickets to the Ani Difranco show July 9th. :)

Send me an email for confirmation: jessicalforrester@gmail.com.

To the others- Keep checking back for freebies and general blabber.

Jennifer- See you at Rams Head Live!

I'd make a graphic but most unfortunately I am without laptop this week, and so I am without Photoshop. I suppose I could mess with GIMP, but I'm not feeling so inclined.

Here's hoping HP gets it back to me soon.. Four days without it feels like torture. I think these are the signs of addiction, no? MINIFAD: Ani Tix Winner: Jennifer Heit!Tweet this!

1 comment:

  1. UN believable!! What an amaaazing surprise to wake up to on this beautiful morning! I thought that that weekend ahead was going to be eventful and oh-so-memorable enough, now I fortunately have this incredible event to look forward to as well! Words can't express how utterly excited and thankful I am for this opportunity to see Ani for my first time. Thank you, Jessica. SO much!!! :)