Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Dance with Girls at the Lantern

There's this awkward exchange I keep having, and I'm not sure the solution to this. I'll be dancing at a club, and some guy will come dance with me. So we're dancing together, I'm having fun, and then he'll ask me to dance with him.

But... we already are dancing.

What he really means, isn't, "Can I dance with you," but rather, "Can I touch you." To which, the answer is, "No."

I love dancing with guys when they don't invade my space. A guy who can really dance moves with you without being all over you. I love to dance with a guy who can play off of the way I move. And I'll play off of the way he moves. And yeah, it's possible at some point we'll end up touching each other, but the whole ordeal isn't two people seeing how many parts of their bodies can possibly be smashed up against one another at the same time. See the picture for a good example. Notice the large space between us?

I mean no hurt feelings to anyone with whom I've had this awkward exchange. I appreciate, at least, the politeness of asking rather than just grabbing like some men do. But you'll earn a lot more points by figuring out how to move with a lady. And if you can't do that, don't try! Just dance next to her and have fun and let her do her own thing. I'm going to be more attracted to a guy who's rocking out next to me having a blast than the same guy attempting to dance with me and failing at making me comfortable. The women around here are free-spirited. We go out to dance and move to the music. If you hold our hips too tight and take away our ability to choose our own pace, you're not earning any points.

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  1. reminds me of people who akwardly ask to kiss someone. these guys are a little higher on the totem pole than the "Nerv cruise"ers. Nothing sexier than anonymous dude's junk rubbing on you =D

  2. Tru dat, finally someone said it!

  3. oh maan sooo true! i love this, glad you said it mama.

  4. I could write the same memo about girls ;)

  5. Hey whatever happened to free love maaaaaaan? ;)

  6. I've never actually danced with someone (because I'm some sort of freak, no doubt) but I still appreciated reading this.

  7. Hey Jessica!

    Thank you for your nice note on my blog! I am going to work on a little write up about the tests I have had done for my autoimmune stuff. Check back in a bit and I should have it up.
    I loved this post-- totally agree with you. All guys should know that IF the girl is into it... maybe SHE will touch him... otherwise, back off!