Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marketing. Inspiration. Nutrition. Innovation. - Fashion. Art. Design.


Welcome to my blogspot! I've been meaning to get one of these going for quite awhile, but continued to be lazy and use Myspace to post my thoughts. My lack of funds while finishing up my studies have made me an avid DIY-er, a bargain shopper, and an all-around resourceful little lady. My goal with this blog is to spotlight all that is exciting to me in the world and on the web, to give advice, and to seek it.

I am a lover of all things daring, with a passion for art (be it music, fashion, design) that enters uncharted territory, or struts into well-charted territory with such strength that the oldest residents turn their heads and take note.

I'm edgy, but I have class. I'm thrifty, but I eat well and I look good. I am without budget, but I'm creative, and have found that connecting with great people I have a more valuable resource than anything money can buy. Give me my cell phone, my laptop, and a wireless connection, and I'll tackle any task.

-Jess MINIFAD: Marketing. Inspiration. Nutrition. Innovation. - Fashion. Art. Design.Tweet this!

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